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The Everything Kids’ Travel Activity Book

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Do you love riding on planes, trains, and automobiles but get restless on the way? If the answer is yes, take along The Everything Kids’ Travel Activity Book and you’ll be there before you know it! Packed full of puzzles, activities, quizzes, and games, this book provides hours of nonstop fun that can be done alone or shared with other kids.

There’s cool stuff to do, like:

  • Create your own postcard
  • Invent a new automobile
  • Play detective

The Everything Kids’ Travel Activity Book also gives you answers to all sorts of crazy questions:

  • What makes your foot “go to sleep?”
  • Why does your sister cough?
  • Why do we daydream?

On top of all that, you can draw caricatures, test your memory, and even keep a weather diary. The traveling fun is so endless you’ll never ask “Are we there yet?” again!


Together, we are shaping young explorers who will transform the world through cultural understanding & acceptance.