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Mexico: Adventure is Everywhere

Both of my parents came from a rough neighborhood. When people think of Mexico, they imagine a beach with beautiful sunsets, but the realities of everyday life do not reflect what you see in a travel …

travel with children
Travel Can Change Your Child’s Life

While it’s true your little one may not recall every adventure, here are 5 ways you can change your child’s life through travel.

future travel
Travel of the Future

As technology continues to propel us forward, the future of travel becomes more unbelievable every, single day.

Fairy Tale Destinations for Families

Books have the power to transport us across the world. From the North Pole to the jungles of Africa, the stories we read with our children can inspire a life-long passion for travel. 

Strangeworlds Travel Agency

A fantastical series written for young adults, Strangeworlds Travel Agency is enough to get anyone excited about travel.

cave diving
Five Cave Dives You Won’t Want to Miss

Are you ready to dive deep? Here are 5 cave dives you won’t want to miss! Cave diving can require special training, but sometimes all you need is a snorkel and some courage.


The World on Wheels

Our mobile market will bring travel books, games and crafts to kids throughout New England. Every purchase supports our mission to inspire little explorers…


Big Writers, Little Ears

This new podcast will feature short travel stories written by big kids to engage younger travelers through the magic of storytelling…

family travel grants

Family Travel Grants

Travelnitch donors are turning dreams into reality with the gift of travel. Our family grants program provides funding to families lacking the access and opportunity to travel together…

Travelnitch Eats

A Sweet Trip to Brazil

Since it’s one of the biggest and most diverse places on the planet, it only makes sense that Brazil has treats to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

Bedtime Stories

Mexico: Adventure is Everywhere

Both of my parents came from a rough neighborhood. When people think of Mexico, they imagine a beach with beautiful sunsets, but the realities of everyday life do not reflect what you see in a travel …

france for kids
A Trail of Chocolate: The Missing Pâtissier

At the end of the street stands the pâtisserie. It has tall wooden doors painted a soft pastel blue. Hanging on either side, two large windows are filled to the brim with flaky croissants, colorful m…

Strange & Spooky

Kyrkö Mosse Car Cemetery

If you’re traveling to Sweden, you may want to stop by this Car Cemetery. Wrecked cars in various stages of decay, it’s not your typical tourist hot spot.

The Evolution of Easter Island

Traditionally called Rapa Nui, the mystery of Easter island began when Dutch explorers landed there on Easter day of 1722.

We believe the great outdoors can inspire a lifelong passion for travel. That’s why we’re helping families explore more together—discover the wonder of travel right in your own backyard and open your child up to a world of possibility!

Passport to Adventure:


Trek’s Activity Corner




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The Storyteller’s Cottage

Whether it’s a real destination or a fictional one, the thrill of “seeing” it with my mind’s eye is enough to get me excited about traveling to far off places!


Imaginative Play
Family Fun
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By harnessing the power of travelnitch, we are shaping a new generation of explorers who will transform the world through understanding and acceptance.

By creating opportunities for parents and children to explore the world together, we can:
– Strengthen the bond between parent and child through a shared love of travel.
– Encourage families to leave their comfort zone and embrace diverse cultures.
– Forge a more meaningful connection between our kids and the world.

Here at Travelnitch, we believe:
– The hard questions in life are best approached with curiosity.
– Diversity is essential to creating a richer society.
– Embracing the unknown is key to learning resiliency.
– Change begins at home, but transformation takes place on the road.


By making travel accessible to all families, we have the power to change how kids view the world and everyone in it. We believe travel to be an experiential education—and education is a right, not a privilege. It’s a tool that can foster empathy, build confidence, and support a more tolerant global perspective that benefits us all.

With more than a decade of experience, Amanda has owned and operated several successful startups. A writer first and foremost, her passion for travel can be seen most recently in publications like The Ascent, Writers on the Run, and Go World Travel. As an avid traveler and mom of two, she believes in raising globally-minded kids who value diversity and embrace humanity.

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