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kids travel writer

Guidelines for Submissions

We are a niche publisher interested in the subject of travel. If your submission is not about travel, we will not publish it.

More specifically, we are looking for travel fiction or non-fiction, targeting children (ages 4-11) and young adults (ages 12-18), written in the form of a children’s book or YA novel(for short stories, learn more about our quarterly magazine).

Children’s Books

Creative fiction is a wonderful way to ignite the imagination and get kids excited about the world around them. We welcome both print and digital proposals. However, please note: your story must contain elements of real-world travel. We aim to inspire and educate young readers by sharing the wonder of this world in which we all live.

To get started:

  • Send a query letter, along with your completed manuscript in Word (.doc) format to
  • Please specify in your query letter whether your preference is for digital (e-book), print, or both.
  • Your book may include photos or illustrations, though it is not required.

Together we will bring your vision to life!

Young Adult (YA) Novels

Our interest lies primarily in travel memoirs (non-fiction), written by, for, or about young adults. We do not accept guidebooks or those that seek to offer advice for traveling with kids. We will consider young adult fiction, so long as travel plays a clear and prominent role in story development.

Travelnitch works with a very small handful of authors at one time because quality is more important to us than quantity. The benefit is a close working relationship with much of our focus on you and your book. Unlike many larger publishing companies, we support you every step of the way, offering editing services, printing & distribution, and publicity before, during and after launch.

While we cannot offer an advance, we also do not expect you to pay for any up-front costs related to the production and/or distribution of your work. A contract—to be signed by both parties—will outline these terms, as well as expected royalties, prior to beginning work. We will never ask you to sign over existing copyrights to us. However we do require a license to use, reproduce, publish, translate, distribute, and publicize your submitted work in perpetuity.

Our call for submissions is competitive and only a limited number will be accepted in any given year.  Please understand that while we greatly appreciate your submission, we may only respond to those with whom we wish to pursue a partnership. 

As a nonprofit, we survive on the kindness of strangers. For that reason, we do ask for a nominal donation of $10, akin to a reading fee, for these longer submissions. This helps keep our administrative costs down by minimizing the flow of inappropriate submissions. It also shows us you are serious about your work.

Please note: This does not guarantee your article will be accepted. We encourage you to thoroughly review our guidelines for the best chance at being published.

Licensing and Copyrights

You, as the author, will retain all copyrights to the submitted images and written works, but must grant us a license to use, reproduce, publish, translate, distribute, and publicize your submission, exclusively.

If you include excerpts from copyrighted works, you must obtain permission from the copyright holder prior to submitting your manuscript. If you cannot grant us these rights do not submit your work.

By submitting your work to Travelnitch you warrant that:

  • you are over the age of 18.
  • your submission is your own original work and you have the right to make it available to us for all the purposes identified above.
  • you will indemnify us against all legal fees/damages and all associated costs that we may incur as a result of your breach of the above warranty.
  • your submission is not defamatory and does not infringe on any law.

All submissions must adhere to the guidelines above. Failure to comply means your manuscript may not be reviewed and/or published.