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The Womple Box

womple box

We received a fun surprise in the mail last week—our very first Womple Box! Thanks to Womple Studios, I was able to give this kid’s adventure box a much closer look.

Womple Studios offers this monthly subscription service to spark a love for exploration and encourage cultural empathy through story-driven content. What we discovered was exactly that—a fun and engaging “visit” to a far away place.

I’ll be the first to admit sticker shock had me questioning the value of such a service. My past experience with similar, less-expensive versions made me wonder what could possible be in that blue box to make it worth my while. But I was pleasantly surprised to learn the Womple Box provides both quantity and quality far beyond what I have seen from other companies.

A Sneak Peek Inside

The first box took us south, all the way to New Zealand. Included in our box was a plethora of activities, including: colorful fact sheets, tales of travel from our “pen pal,” and real modeling clay to create our very own Maori Necklace. On the day it arrived, my 5-year old spent an hour looking through the assortment of goodies, and we have since spent time each night learning endless factoids about life as a kiwi.

Check out this quick preview of what you can expect in your first box:

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Womple Box

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