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Walk This Underground World

Walk This Underground World — At Travelnitch, we create opportunities for shared learning, so parents and children can explore the world together.

We deliver new and exciting experiences to encourage dialogue and provoke curiosity. For that reason, we have three primary goals: – Strengthen the bond between parent and child through a shared love of travel. – Forge a more meaningful connection between kids and the world around them. – Promote creative learning to inspire a lifelong passion for exploration.

Walk This Underground World

Travel plays such an important role in our lives. It has the ability to change us for the better. It’s an experiential education that teaches us how to feel, think, act, and react in positive ways. Travel fosters creativity, builds confidence, and teaches us all to be more tolerant. My own kids benefit from travel every time we hit the open road. No amount of money can buy those life lessons.

About the Book

This 2-dimensional journey takes you underground, offering a fun and unique perspective on the world. Thanks to captivating illustrations by Sam Brewster, each 2-page spread captures an entirely new story of life and history happening right beneath the Earth’s surface. There they’ll find amazing hidden worlds teeming with life, from prairie-dog towns and ant cities to opal mines and treasure-filled tombs.

An around-the-world and back-in-time adventure exploring curious worlds hidden beneath our feet, from underground burrows to ancient cities and shopping malls.

The author, Kate Baker, rhymes her way through each destination. From the Waitomo Caves of New Zealand to the Flaming Cliffs of Mongolia, we are confident the whole family will enjoy reading about these wonders of the underground world. And kids will undoubtedly enjoy lifting each flap, discovering what makes each place so special.

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Together, we are shaping young explorers who will transform the world through cultural understanding & acceptance.