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Travelnitch Storyteller

Volunteer Storyteller

Volunteer Storyteller

Travelnitch is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that needs help developing family-centric travel content to engage kids (and sometimes parents) in fun and innovative ways. If you are a writer who loves to travel, this could be the perfect fit for you—turn your own passion into an inspiring story for our readers!

We are currently seeking volunteers who love to travel and write about it. You should be able to craft meaningful content in the following categories:

  • Travelnitch Eats: Whether it’s a new take on an old world recipe or a deep dive into a city’s best eateries, this is for foodies (young and old) who travel to eat.
  • Family Travel: We love sharing hands-on activities that get kids (and sometimes whole families) excited about travel.
  • Virtual Adventures: Take a deep-dive into the destination of your choice. Highlight fun & quirky sights and exotic excursions to help kids build the ultimate travel wishlist. Think of it as a travel guide, written for young explorers.
  • Strange and Spooky: These stories introduce young readers to strange and spooky phenomenon from around the world. From historical legends to natural phenomenon, if it’s weird or bone-chilling we want to write about it.
  • Travelnitch Outdoors: A passion for travel can stem from a love of the outdoors. Share your favorite family-friendly campsites, hiking trails, and outdoor activities to help families feel more connected to mother nature.

We will provide a list of topics, but also encourage our writers to make recommendations. All stories are shared on our website and across various social channels. They include an author’s bio with an optional link to your own portfolio or site.

Required Skills

  • Excellent written communication skills
  • Highly adept at (factual) creative writing, with great attention to detail
  • Time management skills for sticking to deadlines
  • The ability to take an idea and run with it

Additional Information

This is a part-time, volunteer position. As a nonprofit, we rely on the generosity of volunteers to help further our mission. Together, we engage families through thoughtful content and informative, online programming. We’d love your support—reach out today!

*Please provide your resume, along with a creative writing sample.