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From Bucket List to Vision Board

vision boarding

We all have dreams, but life gets busy and sometimes our “wants” are inadvertently pushed aside to make time for the ever-important “needs.” I get it, really I do. But sometimes, these wants can be every bit as critical—whether it’s to create space in our busy lives for family bonding or just grant ourselves a short reprieve from the chaos of everyday life.

Either way, a vision board can help you prioritize those things that matter most, both wants and needs. It gives you the time and space to clarify your own desires and keep them top of mind. Made up of images, words, and sometimes even objects, this collage is a visual reminder of what you hope to accomplish in the months and years ahead. While it may seem trivial to some, a daily reminder can be powerful thing, often being the difference between action and inaction.

Creating a Visual Bucket List

While a vision board can encompass almost anything, I (of course) love travel-themed boards. Think of it more like a visual bucket list. In fact, I make one every year around this time. As we begin to browse campgrounds and entertain day trip ideas, I use my creativity to prioritize our plans for the summer—sometimes with help from the kids, other times flying solo when they decide to create their own unique vision.

vision boarding
vision boarding

Creating your own travel vision board can be a fun and empowering experience, no matter your age! Here are just a few helpful hints to get you started:

  1. Clarify your vision—Before you grab the scissors and magazines, take some time to reflect on what you hope to achieve. Where would you like to go? Are there specific activities you’d like to do? Is there someplace you’ve been wanting to visit? Create a list.
  2. Get input from the fam—Do some brainstorming together. Ask the kids what they would like to see or do this summer. Maybe your partner has a dream or two. This can be the perfect way to spend an evening together, getting excited for whatever’s next on your travel agenda.
  3. Gather your materials—If you’re all about the digital movement, try an online tool like Canva or Pinterest to create your vision board. Otherwise, its time to gather your supplies. Here are some materials you’ll need to get started:
  • A sturdy board—foam board, cork board, or card stock will do (18″ x 24″ works well)
  • Magazines, newspapers, or printed images
  • Scissors and a glue stick
  • Markers, pens, or paint (optional)
  • Inspirational quotes or affirmations (printed or handwritten)
  • Any other embellishments that inspire you (ribbons, fabric swatches, etc.)
  1. Find your inspiration: Flip through magazines. You can also browse for images online or include your own photos! Look for images and words that best represent your family’s goals from Steps 1 and 2. Arrange and assemble your finds to create an inspiring collage of must-see and must-do experiences. Group similar goals together or create a more abstract design—there are no hard and fast rules!
vision boarding
  1. Display and revisit: Hang your vision board where everyone in the family can see it, everyday. This could be your kitchen, living room, playroom—anywhere that will serve as a regular reminder of your aspirations. Take some time each day to reflect on your vision board and reaffirm your commitment to your goals.

Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to create a vision board. At the end of the day, your family’s vision should be personal, fun, and something that truly inspires all of you. Happy Travels!

vision boarding

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