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Travel the World with a Family Game Night

Family game night can provide ample entertainment for parents and children alike, when you choose the right game. That’s why we’re here to offer you five family-friendly ideas for your next night in. Better yet, these games will give the entire family a chance to explore new places and add to that ever-expanding travel bucket list.

Trekking the World (Ages 10+)

Trekking the World is described as the ultimate globetrotter’s board game. Build your bucket list as you race around the world, visiting the world’s many architectural wonders and collecting rare souvenirs. Spotlighting 48 different destinations, players have the chance to learn about each one through inspiring illustrations and educational narration.

Prefer the natural beauty of the great outdoors? Check out Trekking the National Parks and your family can hit the trails in a race across the U.S. Earn park cards to learn interesting facts and admire photography from 45 of our national parks.

Monopoly (Ages 8+)

It appears Monopoly’s empire has created something for everyone, particularly those with a passion for travel. If National Parks interest you, then check out the recently released Monopoly National Parks 2020 Edition. This game highlights 60 national parks all over the country.

For a simpler (and far less expensive) way to travel the world, try Monopoly Travel: World Tour. Visit different locations, make travel goals, uncover facts, and complete trips to win. There is no corner of the world left untouched in this kid-friendly game.

Passport to Culture (Ages 8+)

Ready to put your cultural competency to the test? Earn a stamp in your passport for every correct answer. Get it wrong and take the opportunity to learn more about how people live their lives around the world. There’s even a Travel Edition, with over 1,000 unique questions on every country in the world. Pack your bags for a virtual journey around the world!

Ticket to Ride (Ages 6+)

Ticket to Ride is a cross-country train trip where players collect train cars to connect cities and claim railways. There are several variations of this game, each one exploring a different part of the world—Europe, Germany, New York, Asia, India, Africa, Japan and more! There’s even a version called Rails and Sails, introducing new routes that span the open seas.

While most of these games are recommended for 8+, they didn’t forget our little explorers. With Ticket to Ride: First Journey and Ticket to Ride: First Journey Europe, kids as young as six can play along.

Candyland (Ages 3+)

Okay, so this might be a bit of a stretch but making your way through the magical world of Candyland could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship with travel. While it is a fantasy world, this land of chocolate mountains and lollypop woods is a great introduction to places unknown—prompting a curiosity about the great big world beyond your backyard. Plus, it’s a wonderful way to bond with your child as you embark on this adventure together.

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