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Travel School for Kids

travel school

Many moons ago, I interned for GoNomad, an online travel magazine based out of South Deerfield, MA. I often browse their articles for inspiration on where to go next. Most recently, during one of my browsing binges, I discovered this awesome company called Outschool.

travel school

It turns out this company, which serves as a marketplace for online learning, offers a variety of kid’s classes focused on travel. You can find everything from photography to folktales to language lessons. Classes are not free, but they are taught by experts in a variety of fields, including art, science, and social studies; and you can always check their credentials prior to signing up.

travel school

travel school

Whether or not you choose to register your kids for a class, the site offers some brilliant ideas for connecting your little ones to world travel. This hands-on project allows kids to plan their very own trip to the destination of their choice. Students learn about the culture while crafting a budget and utilize time management skills to devise a travel itinerary. I don’t know about you, but that’s going to the top of our to-do list!

If you have some time, I urge you to check it out. Use this link to receive a $20 credit towards your very first class. Interested in teaching? The flexible schedule makes this a great way to earn supplemental income while sharing your passion with the next generation. Let’s inspire our kids to see all the world has to offer!

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