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Travelnitch Rocks

travel kindness rocks
kindness rocks

My girls are all about arts and crafts, and I’m sure you’ve heard of kindness rocks — they’re trending like crazy all over social media. The idea is to paint something unique and uplifting on a rock and then hide it out in the world. When someone finds it, it brings a smile to their face. I know it works because my daughter Evie found one last year…just look at that smile!

I started thinking about what makes me smile, and travel was the first thing that came to mind. So I bought all the necessary supplies — rocks, acrylic paint, brushes, markers and glaze. An artist friend of mine decided to join in the fun. With four kids and two adults gathered around the table, we got down to business, making Travelnitch rocks.

painting travel kindness rocks

I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so fast forward four hours and I had only painted two rocks (Paris and Sydney). My friend also finished two (the Alps and Holland). Our kids had a great time painting, and while theirs were not recognizable as having anything to do with travel, it did prompt some fun Q&A. Not to mention, the quality time together was priceless!

Since there are four rocks, I thought it would be fun symmetry to hide them in the four corners of the U.S. So California, Oregon, Florida and Massachusetts, get ready for #travelnitchrocks. Scan the QR code for an added surprise!

kindness rocks

Parents and kids, let your creativity run wild. It doesn’t have to be perfect so long as it makes someone smile. Paint a landmark, your favorite city, or a memory from your most recent vacation. And please, share a picture (#travelnitchrocks) so we can praise your handiwork!

kindness rocks

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