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A Niche for Kids with an Itch

travel niche

I don’t know about you, but I have more interests than time. I am drawn to anything and everything creative — reading, writing, the arts. What do they say? Jack of all trades, master of none? That’s me, with one exception — travel.

I travel.

I love to read about travel, write about travel, experience travel…for a while I even sold travel. It was my passion long before I could afford to do much of it. In grade school my walls were plastered in magazine clippings from National Geographic and Travel & Leisure. This was long before bloggers took to the web to share stories of roadtripping and couchsurfing. Samantha Brown, Anthony Bourdain, even MTV’s Road Rules (I will not be ashamed!) — I thirsted for a glimpse at exotic destinations that I could add to my #travelbucketlist.

Life Lessons.

As a young adult I went abroad…Mexico, Sicily, Ireland, France. This taste of something new and different confirmed what I already knew at heart — I needed more! So I joined the Peace Corps. Moving to Ukraine was far outside my comfort zone — living with a host family, working with kids, learning a new language. There were moments when I got homesick, but it was a lifetime of lessons in such a short span of time, and an adventure that I wouldn’t trade for all the money in the world.

Travel Books for Kids with an Itch.

Now I’m much older, settled with a family of my own and I try to instill that same passion in my two, little girls. They are just beginning to understand there’s a whole world out there waiting for them, and I do all that I can to drive that curiosity. Imagine my surprise when I discovered how little content exists for kids interested in reading about travel.

Travelnitch is my response. I am creating that niche for kids with an itch for travel! And I am connecting parents with the resources they need to turn that curiosity into a full-blown passion.

I hope you’ll subscribe to my blog and follow along as I embark on this exciting new journey. Better yet, join the conversation by leaving your comments below. Share how you have engaged your own kids in exploring the world, whether it’s by boarding an airplane or reading about far-off places at bedtime.

Happy travels everyone!


Founder & CEO

1 thought on “A Niche for Kids with an Itch”

  1. Свиридова Анна

    Thank you for the opportunity for kids to explore the world in such a wonderfull way, to give them chance to visit far away places especially if their parents have some limits of time or money and, of course, for the brilliant experience of family partnership. Good luck, Amanda L. Renna!

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