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The Landmark Kids

The Landmark Kids

The Landmark Kids
The Landmark Kids

I love a good mystery—and anything that will break my kids away from their screens. When I came across The Landmark Kids I was excited to try something new and different. This one fit the bill, providing us with a fun way to learn about the world while giving us a chance to exercise our brains. As my children are a bit older now, we really enjoyed the added challenge of solving puzzles. My youngest felt like a real detective as she uncovered the many mysteries of Morocco.

So What’s It All About?

Like many other subscription boxes, The Landmark Kids combines geography and culture, giving families a fun way to explore the world from home. Unlike other boxes, it also weaves fun facts into an engaging storyline that casts YOUR kid as the lead.

The Landmark Kids

It all begins with a letter outlining your [Top Secret] mission. Following a series of colorful clues, your little detective must use his/her brainpower to jump from city to city in search of answers. Along the way, they will learn all about their destination—in our case it was Morocco. Each month offers a new case in a new place, keeping things fresh and fun for global explorers big and small.

No Commitment, Subscribe to Save

I always love a subscription that allows for month-to-month with no commitment. As a mom, life gets busy and sometimes we may need to skip a month, whether it’s for time or financial reasons. The Landmark Kids gives you that freedom, starting at only $27 per month.

The price is fair, given the time invested to create such elaborate offline content. The best part is the time it gives your kid away from their screens. Of course, you’re also welcome to save money by signing up for 3, 6, or 12 month subscriptions if that’s your preference. Learn more »

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About the Writer: Amanda L.Renna 

Amanda is the Founder & CEO of Travelnitch. Her passion for travel can be seen most recently in publications like The AscentWriters on the Run, and Go World Travel. As an avid traveler and mom of two, she believes in raising globally-minded kids who value diversity and embrace humanity.

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