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The Dream Jar

Remember the Change Jar?

Travelnitch recently launched our first-ever annual Fill Your Dream Jar photo contest. So, you might be wondering what exactly a dream jar is.

If you’re a product of the ’80s you likely grew up with a change jar or, at the very least, understand the basic concept. In my family this jar doubled as fun money, or spending cash for the next big family vacation. We all contributed — kids throwing in pennies, nickels and dimes while the adults tossed in a dollar or two; and we all had our own dreams of how we would spend that fun money.

Introducing Dream Tickets

The Dream Jar is a new twist on this old-fashioned concept, giving families a fun way to inspire one another, while saving up for the next big adventure. Instead of money, family members contribute in the form of dream tickets — a little handwritten note thrown into the dream jar representing a place they would like to visit, or an activity they hope to participate in. Before embarking on your next vacation, organize a family planning night and read each ticket out loud. Use that inspiration to create an itinerary together, and make it a vacation everyone is sure to remember!

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