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Sunnie Maps

Today we received our Sunnie Map in the mail. This “Sunshine Delivery” is the brainchild of Sunnie Press—two moms who love pretend play and needed a creative way to divert attention away from the screens.

The solution? A big ‘ole map complete with a monthly checklist, activities, and plenty of opportunity to break out the crayons!

This is definitely a win for the little ones. My 6-year old spent ample time coloring her gigantic poster of Utah, as we explored Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon. It helps that I had been there so I could share photos of my own trip, but Google Earth is always a great tool for any virtual adventure.

If you’re looking for a creative way to keep your kid busy on the go, Sunnie Maps are the perfect diversion. They’re even small enough to keep in your bag for some emergency fun—they fold down to 7″ x 10″. I imagine it will come in real handy the next time we are stuck in a waiting room!

Win Your Own Sunnie Map

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Sunnie Maps

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