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Strangeworlds Travel Agency

Strangeworlds Travel Agency

Strangeworlds Travel Agency
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As a nonprofit publisher, we have access to an endless inventory of travel titles. Explore the world with our curated collection of travel books for the whole family. Every purchase supports our ongoing work to inspire kids through virtual and real-world travel!

About the Book

This fictional tale follows 12-year old Flick Hudson on an exciting adventure through new and different worlds after she discovers the Strangeworlds Travel Agency. Stepping inside a suitcase, she suddenly finds herself part of a magical travel society. In a race against time, Hudson is now on a mission to save Five Lights—a city that is slowly disappearing, and threatening to take her entire world with it.

A fantastical series written for young adults,Strangeworlds Travel Agency is enough to get anyone excited about travel. Action, adventure, mystery, and imagination will have you turning the pages fast and furious to see how it ends. Fortunately, the fun doesn’t have to end—there’s a second book already published (The Edge of the Ocean) and a third (The Secrets of the Storm Forest) coming out in April 2022! Listen to a sample »

About the Author

L. D. Lapinski is the author of The Strangeworlds Travel Agency trilogy. She lives just outside Sherwood Forest (in the UK) with her family, a lot of books, and a cat named Hector. L.D. wrote her first book when she was seven, about a frog who owned an airplane. She has a Masters degree in Creative Writing and rediscovered her love of children’s fiction while teaching in primary schools. (

Strangeworlds Travel Agency

Strangeworlds Travel Agency

Travelnitch was founded to share our passion for travel with the next generation. We believe it has the power to change lives, open minds, and build a stronger sense of community.

We are here to ensure the travel lifestyle and its’ many benefits are accessible to all. Many families lack time or money to travel. Fortunately, hands-on learning at home can provide many of the same benefits.

Here at Travelnitch, we encourage parents and children to travel, learn, and grow together—building a more caring and compassionate global community, one family at a time. From virtual adventures to family travel grants, we are helping kids explore the world in a more meaningful way, because a love of travel (and humanity) begins with curiosity.

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