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Story of the Mongolian Tent House

Story of the Mongolian Tent House

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About the Book

Based on an original tale by award-winning Mongolian author, Dashdondog Jamba, this fable is retold by international renowned author, Anne Pellowski. Young readers will love traveling through the vast and wild landscape of Mongolia. This beautifully illustrated book (from Wisdom Tales Press) will take them on a journey through mostly uninhabited territory carved from endless steppes, mountains and valleys.

The story begins with a division between people and animals when they struggled to coexist. A “wise man” then teaches his seven sons how to build a Mongolian tent house (called a ger), using nature as his model. Once the ger is built, the wise man dies leaving his sons behind to bicker. Each follows his own path leading to disaster, until they must come together once again to rebuild the ger. Working together this tent house becomes a “symbol of friendship and harmony” and a prominent display of Mongolian culture.

About the Authors

Dashdondog Jamba (1941-2017) was a world-renowned Mongolian author who dedicated his life to writing, translating, and telling stories for children. A passionate promoter of children’s reading, he traveled with his nomadic library for over 24 years across Mongolia, covering a distance of more than 85,000 miles. Dashdondog wrote over 100 children’s books and translated more than 50 books by foreign writers. Among his award-winning titles are Tales on Horseback and Mongolian Folktales.

Anne Pellowski is a distinguished Polish-American storyteller and authority on international literature for children. From 1966-1981 she worked for the U.S. Committee to UNICEF as the founding director of the Information Center on Children’s Cultures. The recipient of several awards, including a National Storytelling Network Lifetime Achievement Award, she was a nominee for the prestigious 2010 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award. Anne’s writings include The World of Children’s Literature and The Storytelling Handbook. She lives in Winona, Wisconsin.

Story of the Mongolian Tent House

Story of the Mongolian Tent House

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