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Scotland’s Darkest Secrets

spooky scotland

By harnessing the power of travel, we are shaping a new generation of explorers who will transform the world through understanding and acceptance.

Creating opportunities for parents and children to explore the world together, we can:
– Strengthen the bond between parent and child through a shared love of travel.
– Encourage families to leave their comfort zone and embrace diverse cultures.
– Forge a more meaningful connection between our kids and the world.

Here at Travelnitch, we believe:
– The hard questions in life are best approached with curiosity.
– Diversity is essential to creating a richer society.
– Embracing the unknown is key to learning resiliency.
– Change begins at home, but transformation takes place on the road.

spooky scotland

A Spooky History

Most countries have a spooky story to tell and Scotland is no exception. With so much history, the stories are enough to fill several books—and websites!

Many historical sites in Scotland are believed to be haunted, such as:

spooky scotland

Edinburgh Castle is one of the most haunted places in Scotland. Connected to the old downtown by a network of underground tunnels, visitors can hear the faint sounds of a piper playing music ever since the day he disappeared in those tunnels.

spooky scotland

Leith Hall is home to the ghost of Laird John Leith III. In 1968, one guest awoke during the night to see him standing at the foot of the bed in Highland dress, his head covered in bloody bandages.

spooky scotland

Hill House, in Helensburgh, is haunted by a tall slender figure dressed in black with a long black cape. It is believed to be Walter Blackie, the man who commissioned the building of his dream home in 1904.

Mary King’s Close is where victims of the plague were trapped by local councilmen in an attempt to stop the spread of illness. They now roam the Scottish close (an underground alleyway) beneath the Old Town area of Edinburgh.

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