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Travel is a State of Mind

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Books Beyond Borders

Explore the world with our curated collection of travel books. Thanks to our partnership with, every purchase supports our ongoing work to inspire kids through virtual and real-world travel!  

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Postcard Pals

Follow Trek the Travelnitch Cat as he travels around the world. Together you will discover new sights, share fun stories, and learn about the people that make this world so special!

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Travelnitch was founded to share our love of travel with the next generation. We believe it has the power to change lives, open minds, and build a stronger sense of community.

We are here to ensure the travel lifestyle and its’ many benefits are accessible to all. Many families lack time or money to travel. Fortunately, hands-on learning at home can provide many of the same benefits.

Here at Travelnitch, we encourage parents and children to travel, learn, and grow together—building a more caring and compassionate global community, one family at a time. From virtual adventures to family travel grants, we are helping kids explore the world in a more meaningful way, because a love of travel (and humanity) begins with curiosity.