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Route 66 Adventure Handbook

Route 66 Adventure Handbook

Route 66 Adventure Handbook

This review was written by: Amanda Schmieder

About the Book

Fasten your seat belts and get ready for this ultimate guide to Route 66! Cover to cover you’ll find everything this historic highway has to offer, including:

  • vintage motels and cafes, museums
  • iconic sights
  • natural wonders
  • architectural masterpieces
  • strange and curious attractions, and
  • let’s not forget all the tourist traps!

This book unpacks all of your questions in one handy (and portable) guide. Featuring facts, maps, hundreds of photographs and trivia—author Drew Knowles even includes QR codes for easy access to online resources. Additionally, GPS coordinates have been added to the majority of images so that travelers can easily find destinations on their smartphones.

The Route 66 Adventure Handbook will take you on an epic road trip! Beginning in Illinois readers travel through six states—Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona—until finally arriving in the Golden State. With the turn of each page, you’ll find yourself in a new city, discovering notable points of interest and off-the-beaten-path hidden gems.

Traveling along Route 66 there’s something for everyone. For me, it’s part Disneyland, part circus, part lost era and a whole lot of fun! A few years ago, I passed through one of the cities included in this book (Holbrook, Arizona) on my way to Petrified Forest National Park. I will personally attest to the peculiarity of this journey—it’s certainly a trip you’ll never forget!

The Route 66 Adventure Handbook perfectly captures all the wonder and amusement travelers will find along the way. Kids of all ages will love the photography, specifically the center spread which features two dozen full-color images. Dig deeper with every QR code, and discover the story behind each destination.  If you’re planning to hit even a piece of this historic route, don’t leave home without the Route 66 Adventure Handbook, or you might miss something!

About the Author

Drew Knowles is a best-selling author, photographer, road-trip enthusiast and Route 66 lover. In addition to his Route 66 Adventure Handbooks, Knowles is the author of Route 66 Quick Reference Encyclopedia. Knowles has contributed content to many media outlets including USA Today, Route 66 Federation News, and His photography has been exhibited in galleries and museums both on and off of Route 66. Knowles currently resides in Hot Springs, Arkansas and serves on the board of directors for Friends of Host Springs National Park. He is also a member of the Society for Commercial Archaeology.

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Route 66 Adventure Handbook

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Route 66 Adventure Handbook

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