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We are creating opportunities for parents and children to explore the world together.


Creating opportunities for parents and children to explore the world together.



Travel encourages us to leave behind the comforts of home in favor of that which is new and different; to forge a more meaningful relationship with the world (and people) all around us.


Travel is about learning through experience. It can teach us to navigate life’s toughest challenges by making us more resilient and preparing us for inevitable change.


Travel keeps us moving forward in search of that next great adventure. It also helps us prioritize what is most important in life, so that we are always ready and open to whatever comes next.


Travelnitch was founded to share our love of travel. From virtual adventures to family travel grants, we are making the travel lifestyle and its’ benefits accessible to all.

Big Writers, Little Ears

Teens can hone their travel writing skills with our free webinar, then submit a story for consideration. Those selected will be featured in our Bedtime Stories podcast to engage little explorers through the magic of storytelling.

family travel grants

Family Travel Grants

Travelnitch donors are turning dreams into reality with the gift of travel. Our family grants program provides funding to families who might not otherwise have the access and opportunity to travel together.

Travelnitch Publishing

An online resource for parents and kids to inform & entertain through a variety of topics including book recommendations, product reviews, travel stories, hands-on learning activities, and cultural oddities.

The World on Wheels

Our mobile market brings discounted travel books, games and crafts to kids living in Massachusetts. Every purchase supports our mission to inspire little explorers and kids living in disadvantaged communities. 

Virtual Adventures

Even at home, we inspire kids to travel virtually through stories, crafts, and games. In 2023, we’ll be launching an all-new on-demand series of virtual tours!