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Introducing Postcard Pals

postcards for kids

If your kids are anything like mine, they love getting mail—and let’s be honest, if it doesn’t involve bills, so do I. That’s why we are super excited to launch Postcard Pals featuring our favorite travel pal, Trek!

Not only does it achieve our mission in a powerful way, but 100% of the profits will support the continued growth of so many great programs

How Does It Work?

Follow Trek as he travels around the world in search of adventure. You’ll receive a (real) postcard with a special message and link to his top-secret travel blog. Together with Trek ? you will uncover new destinations, share fun stories, and learn all about the people that make this world so special!

postcards for kids

Visit Kenya

Join Trek on a tour of Nairobi National Park, and learn about the diverse band of tribes that make up this beautiful country. 

postcards for kids

Visit New Zealand

Travel to Hobbiton where they filmed Lord of the Rings, and discover what makes this island nation so “magical.”

Why is Virtual Travel Important?

We believe so strongly in the power of travel that we have dedicated our lives to making it more accessible. We give away family travel grants, connecting little explorers (like you) with real-life adventure. But it’s not cost-effective to fund travel for everyone.

That’s why we’re always working to find new and creative ways to bring the world into your home. Postcard Pals does just that. It offers a unique opportunity for families to travel together, without ever leaving the couch. Plus, every penny is reinvested in programs that give kids everywhere access to a global education.

postcards for kids

Together, we are shaping young explorers who will transform the world through cultural understanding & acceptance.