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Connect your kids to the wonder of travel with our custom letterboxing adventures!

What is letterboxing? Letterboxing is an amazing adventure game played by kids all over the world. Simply pick a trail and follow a series of clues to find a hidden stamp for your passport. Learn more »

This program is currently available only in Massachusetts.

Step 1:

Purchase a Passport

  • Passport to Adventure

Printed in full-color, our passport has plenty of space for displaying stamps from all of your letterboxing adventures.

Step 2:

Choose an Adventure

  • hiking pass

Enjoy your first adventure for free. Then tackle them one by one or purchase our Mass Pass. You’ll get access to every letterboxing adventure in the state—even ones we haven’t created yet!

Step 3:

Earn a Stamp

Every adventure includes a custom trail map. Follow a series of clues to find the letterbox and a new stamp for your passport.

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Spending time in the great outdoors can inspire a passion for travel. We like to think of it as the gateway to global travel. That’s why we created Passport to Adventure—an easy way for families to get out and explore more together.

Travelnitch Hikes

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We are shaping future explorers who will transform the world through understanding and acceptance.

By creating opportunities for parents and children to explore the world together, we can:
– Strengthen the bond between parent and child through a shared love of travel.
– Encourage families to leave their comfort zone and embrace diverse cultures.
– Forge a more meaningful connection between our kids and the world.

Here at Travelnitch, we believe:
– The hard questions in life are best approached with curiosity.
– Diversity is essential to creating a richer society.
– Embracing the unknown is key to learning resiliency.
– Change begins at home, but transformation takes place on the road.

passport to adventure