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Artist Agreement

This agreement (“Contract”) is legally binding between the Artist and Travelnitch (the “Organization”). Please read it carefully and direct any questions to prior to agreeing to these terms.
I. Ownership

You, as the Artist, will retain all copyrights to your work, but must grant Travelnitch a license to use, reproduce, publish, translate, sell, distribute, and publicize your submission, exclusively. Submission does not guarantee placement in our Gallery and Travelnitch reserves the right to deactivate your artwork at any time based on the needs of the Organization.

The Artist agrees not to sell or market reproductions of the submitted artwork until a time when this contract is null and void, or both parties agree otherwise (see section IV). If a piece is accepted, the Artist will be asked to ship the original artwork to us at their own expense. Travelnitch will reimburse the Artist in full once the item has sold. This will be in addition to the standard commission. If you are donating your artwork, we will prepay for shipping (see section III). Artwork submitted by the Artist is considered active from the moment it is received. Should this occur, the Artist can request the original artwork be returned at their own expense.

II. Indemnification

The Artist agrees that {s/he} is the sole creator of all submitted works. The Artist indemnifies and holds Travelnitch harmless against any and all claims, actions, demands, etc. arising from the marketing or sale of artwork involving acts of plagiarism, fraud, and theft.

III. Remittance

Travelnitch agrees to render monthly commission payments equal to $1 per puzzle featuring The Artist’s work. Any remaining profits will be considered a donation in support of our mission. All payments will be made through PayPal and require the Artist to have an active PayPal account. The Artist is an independent contractor and will be responsible for any taxes owed on income generated.

Alternatively, the Artist may choose to donate their artwork and relinquish all rights to a commission. In this instance, 100% of the profits will support our ongoing work. This choice can be made during the submission process.

From time to time, Travelnitch may also choose to offer other (non-monetary) benefits to the Artist.