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Help us strengthen the bond between parent and child through a shared love of travel.

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Together we can inspire a new generation of explorers and use the power of travel to transform the world.

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affiliate program

affiliate program

Donate for a Discount

Donate for a Discount offers customers the chance to support our inspiring work in exchange for a discounted price on your goods and services. Every donation is 100% tax-deductible, so they save money and you earn some good karma along the way.

We’ll craft a custom donation page just for you. When a customer donates, they receive a special thank you with a discount code to be used on their next transaction. It’s that simple!

Promote Your Product

Do you offer a product or service that encourages children to consider the road less traveled, venture out in search of new discoveries, or entertain unique travel experiences? We’d be happy to share it with our readers!

As a nonprofit, we offer sponsored content as a means of supporting (and growing) our own programming. With your help we can connect families to travel in new ways and offer additional opportunities for kids to get out and explore the world.

That being said, we only share products and services that we can stand behind, both as parents and explorers. Launching a product or service can be stressful, and we’re not out to crush anyone’s dreams. Send us a link to your product or service and we’ll let you know if it’s a fit. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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Share Your Story

Reading is a wonderful way to ignite the imagination and get kids excited about the world. If you’ve published a book that encourages children to travel the world from home, we want to share it with our readers!

We also love to feature new & aspiring travel writers who can delight and entertain our readers. We currently need support developing family-centric travel content to engage kids (and sometimes parents) in fun and innovative ways. If we publish your story, you’ll receive:

  • Free publicity through our social networks, including: Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest
  • An optional bio (with a link to your website or portfolio)
  • Inclusion in our monthly Travel Bug newsletter

Help us grow our digital library with your best guest post inspiring families to get out and explore!

Take us on a Tour

Virtual travel has seen steady growth in recent years. COVID-19 has only heightened this desire for easy and affordable alternatives to real-world experience. At Travelnitch, our focus is on bringing the wonders of the world to kids who might not have the access and opportunity to travel due to financial or physical struggles.

Become a Travelnitch Guide and give our families the greatest gift you can give—a chance to experience this wonderful world together! You’ll be compensated for every tour, and we’ll gratefully acknowledge your talents as we promote your tour on our website and across all of our social media channels.

affiliate program