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Help us strengthen the bond between parent and child through a shared love of travel. Together we can inspire a whole new generation of explorers and use the power of travel to positively transform the world.


Do you make or sell a product that encourages children to consider the road less traveled, venture out in search of new discoveries, or entertain new travel experiences? Send us two samples (one for our review and another as a giveaway) and we would be happy to share a product review with our readers. Check out these great companies that have already benefited from our reviews.

Worried about a bad review? We understand the time, money and stress that comes with launching a new product and we’re not out to crush anyone’s dreams. Bad product reviews are a waste of our time. That’s why we only publish reviews for products that we fully endorse. This means you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Art has the ability to inspire, transform, and educate all at once. Travelnitch Artists are visual storytellers who yield their creative power to convey the beauty and richness of our global diversity.

Custom artwork designed to inspire the next generation of explorers will be prominently featured in our Global Arts Gallery, inspiring little explorers everywhere. In exchange, we can offer:

  • Free cross-promotion across all of our social channels: Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest
  • A custom bio (and link to your website) included on each product page featuring your work
  • Prominent placement in at least one issue of the Travel Bug
  • A blog post featuring an in-depth interview with YOU, the artist

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Tour Operators

The virtual travel industry has seen steady growth in recent years. COVID-19 has only heightened this desire for easy and affordable alternatives to the real thing. For children, virtual tours can be a great way to learn about the world when that family road trip just isn’t possible.

Become a Travel(nitch) Agent, and we will market your virtual tours to our virtual explorers. You will also receive a custom (SEO) blog post and ongoing promotion across all of our social channels.

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We work hard everyday to build a thoughtful and meaningful brand. By connecting with people like you—who share our passion for travel—we can bring families more and better opportunities to explore this world together.

affiliate program