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Making Matcha Tea

matcha tea

Matcha What?

When a friend dropped the word matcha in casual conversation, I knew nothing of this trendy Eastern Asian tradition. It should come as no surprise that this vibrantly green tea, rich in antioxidants, has taken the world by storm offering a plethora of health benefits.

Being a huge fan of tea, I was excited to give it a try. As luck would have it, a few days later there was a gift waiting in my mailbox—thank you friend!

A bright green powder whisked with hot water, this frothy brew is made from whole tea leaves and bears a slight resemblance to spinach juice. The taste is earthy and rich—a flavor you will probably love or hate.

While it has an abundance of catechins—magical antioxidants believed to help the body ward off cancer—this tea can also be high in caffeine, so maybe avoid it before bed.

Worth the Work

Matcha requires a bit more work than your standard green tea, but it was a whole lot of fun to make. Be sure to include the kiddos who will love the process. If they’re open to trying new foods, they may even discover a taste for this ancient ceremonial drink!

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matcha tea

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