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Life is short

Life is short

Life is short…three simple words that unleash a world of possibility.

As I look ahead to what’s next I find myself asking what I want, rather than what I need. I no longer want practical or safe. I crave passion and excitement.

As an adult I spent most of my time carving out a career in nonprofit communications. My dreams of becoming a travel writer took a back seat to my need for financial independence, but I have no regrets.

Now, in my late thirties, I am married with two beautiful little girls and I suddenly find myself at a crossroads. One that may define who they become as adults.

Some will write this off as a mid-life crisis, but that would never do justice to the importance of this moment — this decision to revive the inspired, adventurer that is still inside of me. I am taking the road less traveled because it will teach my children that they always have a choice.

Merging my experience as a writer and parent with my lifelong passion for exploration, Travelnitch is as much for my kids as it is for me. By planting the seed early, I hope to turn my little bookworms into global nomads. Nomads who will choose the road less traveled because they know it will lead to richer rewards.

Are you a travelwriter? We’re always in search of new guest bloggers. Share your kid-friendly travel stories and inspire the next generation of global explorers.

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