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Let’s Grow Together!

Let’s Grow Together!

connecting kids with adventure

It’s time to kick this blog into high gear. My plan is to share recommendations for parents (and kids) on great travel reads, both online and in print. While we intend to push out much of our own amazing content in the years ahead, I don’t want to overlook the many talented storytellers who are already out there doing what they do best.

Travelnitch is all about connecting kids with adventure, giving them an outlet to explore the world and fulfill that travel itch. To start things off I’m sharing a personal fave from Lonely Planet Kids. My daughter Evie is 7 and she is just learning to read and write well enough for this to be fun. I have this Travel Journal on my holiday shopping list and I just know she’ll love it. It even has room for her drawings — she takes her art very seriously!

This could be the perfect way to get your kids excited about an upcoming trip. But what if you have little ones at home who can’t write just yet? No worries…check back in a few days and I’ll be sure to include something for the littles in my next post.

Are you a writer? Reach out and share your travel stories so we can grow together!

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