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April 13, 2024

Hujambo ,

I am so excited that you finally made it to Kenya—there is just so much to see, I don’t even know where to begin!

I’ve been spending most of my time getting to know the people and the culture—both are beautiful here! I didn’t want you to miss out so I took plenty of photos. The native language is Kiswahili, but English is also common because Kenya was a part of the British Empire until the 1960s. Thank goodness, because my Swahili is awful!

Did you know the word Kenya means God’s resting place? Most of the people living here are Christian (over 80%), but there are also smaller factions of Muslim, Jewish, and Hindu followers as well.

All have been very welcoming and are more than happy to share their stories with me. I recounted some of these tales here in my blog for you to enjoy, along with some of my favorite Kenyan experiences.

Feel free to jump around—and be sure to let me know how you enjoyed Kenya at the end of our adventure. Until we meet again, happy travels!

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