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It’s Time for a Virtual Field Trip

This is a bizarre time for us all. While it may be scary, we should remember how fortunate we are to have access to this amazing online world. It offers endless opportunities for virtual travel if you know where to look. So many incredible places are stepping up to offer a free virtual field trip, keeping us on the go even while we’re stuck at home.

Some of these virtual field trips have always existed, but many others are venturing into uncharted territory. Either way, we’re excited about all this buzz around virtual travel. And I, for one, am grateful for this long list of fun “places” to take my kids during the [home]school day:

Webcams | Museums | Historical Sites | Castles | Wildlife | Science & Nature | National Parks | Other Cool Stuff

Bookmark this page and check back frequently—we’re always adding new and exciting destinations!

Webcams Around the World

For more adventure, travel the globe with EarthCam’s live webcams or Skyline webcams!

Museums & Galleries

Also check out the Google Arts & Culture Collection for thousands more virtual museum tours!

Historical Sites & Landmarks

Explore more with Google’s Street View…from museums to monuments, if you can name it, you can find it!

Castles Around the World

Explore even more castles from around the world with Google Earth!


Science & Nature

Discovery Education offers several on-demand and live virtual field trips for those who love the world of science!

National Parks

Thanks to a collaboration between Google and The National Parks Service, these incredible virtual tours will whisk you away to some of America’s most breathtaking natural landmarks:

Other Cool Stuff

There are so many ways to explore this vast world without ever setting foot on a plane. Sure, we prefer the real thing but that’s not always possible. During times like these, virtual travel is a great alternative. Make the most of this time at home and travel as a family—you’ll never regret the time spent together!

Tired of the glow? Check out these hands-on activities for plenty of ways to learn and explore when you need a break from the screens.

At Travelnitch, we create opportunities for shared learning, so parents and children can explore the world together.

Virtual field trip

Virtual field trips play such an important role in our lives. It has the ability to change us for the better. It’s an experiential education that teaches us how to feel, think, act, and react in positive ways. Travel fosters creativity, builds confidence, and teaches us all to be more tolerant. My own kids benefit from travel every time we hit the open road. No amount of money can buy those life lessons.

Travelnitch is inspiring the next generation of explorers. We believe travel is a wonderful way to ignite the imagination and get kids excited about the world. However, we need your help to make this possible. Please spread the word and support our efforts to raise citizens of the world. Let’s go on this adventure together!

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