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How to Build Your Own Country

How to Build Your Own Country

José Feeds the World

This review was written by: Joni McNeal

About the Book

How to Build Your Own Country is an interactive and original learning experience that guides kids through the fascinating process of creating their own country from scratch. This book, the only one of its kind, is both enchanting and educational. It offers children the expertise and advice they’ll need to plant their flag in the backyard, in the bedroom, or online. Kids will be amazed to discover that anyone can do it.

Nation-building advice is peppered with examples of events that have shaped countries throughout history, teaching young readers about government, elections, geography, and global issues. Backed up with lots of amazing examples of real micronations—some established or ruled by kids—How to Build Your Own Country promises to inspire, entertain, and inform young nation-builders.

Wyatt’s writing is engaging and clear, making complex concepts accessible to a young audience. The book begins with the basics, such as choosing a name and designing a flag, and progresses to more intricate aspects, like forming a government, writing laws, and understanding diplomacy. Each chapter is structured to build on the previous one, providing a comprehensive guide that remains easy to follow.

Karen Fredericks’ vibrant and playful illustrations complement Wyatt’s text perfectly. The artwork not only adds visual appeal but also helps to clarify and enhance the content, making the book even more engaging for young readers. Fredericks’ illustrations bring a whimsical touch that keeps the subject matter light and fun.

One of the book’s greatest strengths is its interactive approach. Wyatt includes numerous activities and thought experiments that encourage readers to actively engage with the material. This interactive element reinforces learning, as well as stimulates creativity and critical thinking.

How to Build Your Own Country also emphasizes important values, such as democracy, justice, and cooperation. Wyatt introduces these themes in a digestible way for young minds, promoting a deeper understanding of civic responsibility and global citizenship. A delightful and insightful guide combining education with entertainment, it’s an excellent resource for young readers who are curious about governance and want to create and imagine their own worlds.

About the Author

Valerie Wyatt is an award-winning author of more than 14 nonfiction books, many of them about science. She also writes on historical topics and, from time to time, picture books. Wyatt lives in Victoria, British Columbia, with her husband and dog, MacPherson, whose favorite food is cucumbers.

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How to Build Your Own Country

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How to Build Your Own Country

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