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Family Travel Grants Application

We review applications three times per year—spring, summer, and fall. We recommend applying at least 4-6 months in advance of your trip.  If approved, you will be asked to provide proof of income. If your application is denied, you are welcome to try again next year.

While our goal is to provide as many grants as possible, funding is limited to families with children under age 18. Exceptions will be made for adult children living with cognitive or physical disabilities. Preference is given to first-time recipients.

 To qualify for a grant, you must meet our income eligibility guidelines

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Applicant Name
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Grant Application

Outdoor Adventure Grants come in the form of a Cabela's gift card which may be used in-person or online. These grants are intended for families who are new to camping and need financial assistance getting started. We may ask for proof of purchase. Anyone found to be misusing funds will be ineligible for future grants.
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Tell us a bit about your family and why you love to travel. Below, please list the members of your household traveling with you.
For virtual tours, please include a link to the tour
Please provide an estimated start date for your travels.
Share your travel plans and explain how this grant will make it possible.
Our mission is to inspire kids through travel. Help us better understand how your experience supports this work.

Income Eligibility Guidelines

Income Eligibility Guidelines

Statement of Need
I hereby confirm my eligibility for a travel grant, based on the income guidelines above. If my application is approved, I understand that Travelnitch will request proof of income to verify my family's eligibility. I also agree to provide a follow-up report within 6 months of travel and (if requested) receipts to confirm grant funds were used to fund the itinerary outlined above.
Release of Liability
I grant Travelnitch permission to share my story and/or photo(s) to help raise critical funds for the organization. I understand that our family may request an alias be used in place of real names, to maintain our privacy.

I also release Travelnitch from any and all liability relating to and from my family's travels. Acceptance of a Travelnitch grant does not make them accountable for incidents which may or may not occur before, during, or after our travels.