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There is no substitute for real life.

A love of travel begins with curiosity, but real transformation happens out on the road. Thanks to generous support from our donors, we are connecting young explorers with a real world experience that builds resilience and cross-cultural competence.

Strengthen your bond through a shared love of travel.

Leave behind the comforts of home for a transformative family experience to learn and grow together. Our grants support multi-generational travel to increase awareness and understanding of other cultures. If your family has an intense desire to travel but struggles financially to make those dreams a reality, let us help! Do you qualify?

We are currently accepting applications for:

Virtual Tour

(Up to $100) Not enough time to hit the road? A passion for travel begins at home. Start by sparking your child’s curiosity through virtual travel—take a cooking class, learn a traditional dance, or tour your favorite city online!


(Up to $250) Whether it’s a visit to a nearby art museum or trekking through a National Park, explore more together on your next family trip. Think in-person activities that give kids the chance to experience something new.

Do you live in Massachusetts?

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Cultural Immersion

(Up to $250) If your family has already booked a trip, use this grant to fully immerse yourself in the culture through language lessons, culinary tours, and unique localized experiences.

Outdoor Adventure

(Up to $500) The great outdoors can inspire a lifetime passion for travel. This Cabela’s gift card will get you started as a weekend warrior, so the whole family can experience the wide world of camping!

Capture the Flag

If you live in or around Monson, Ma we would love to see you on August 28. Join us for a globe-trekking adventure around the world and a chance to compete for fun prizes! Learn More »

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