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Get Away with WayAway


WayAway is a brand made by travelers, for travelers.

It’s an air travel aggregator that shows you all the best prices in one place—comparison shopping has never been so easy. They even include flights on Southwest Airlines, a HUGE win! So parents, I ask you, why not save time, shop smart and save?

Get away with WayAway

We know, there are hundreds of platforms out there making those same claims. So what sets WayAway apart from the crowd? Well, for one thing, their search engine is frighteningly easy to use—so simple in fact, your kid could book a flight. Be sure to keep those credit cards hidden!

WayAway’s interface is modern and clean. Built with the everyday traveler in mind, they offer family-friendly content (written by locals) to help inspire your next trip around the world…or to Denver. They even share fun facts about the wildlife you’re likely to encounter when you get there. Rattlesnakes, no thanks!

If you’re a family that’s always on the move, consider joining WayAway Plus. Finding the best price on your next flight is is free, but members enjoy additional perks—like a share of the commission normally reserved for travel agents.

What is WayAway Plus?

WayAway Plus is a customer-first approach that lines your pockets so you—the traveler—will have more money for the fun stuff. Akin to a Costco membership, users can invest in an annual plan (the first year is only $49.95) that will save you hundreds in the form of cashback.

Save an extra 10% on WayAway+

Unlike credit cards companies that offer points or miles, WayAway Plus sends cash directly through PayPal. With every booking—flights, hotels, rentals, and more—you’ll have a chance to earn a little something extra to spend on the kids (or yourself).

As a mom, I will take that free money every chance I get. In fact I encourage you to double dip like I do. Check out the Chase Sapphire travel rewards credit card—it’s one of the few cards to still offer travel protection, annual hotel credits, and bonus points on most purchases. You’d be surprised at how quickly those points really add up!


About the Writer: Amanda L.Renna 

Amanda is the Founder & CEO of Travelnitch. Her passion for travel can be seen most recently in publications like The AscentWriters on the Run, and Go World Travel. As an avid traveler and mom of two, she believes in raising globally-minded kids who value diversity and embrace humanity.

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