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The Forgotten Giants of Denmark

Giants of Denmark

Denmark is one of six Nordic countries and is situated just north of Germany with a population of roughly 5.5 million people. Although the climate is cold and gray most of the year, the Danes have found a multitude of ways to keep themselves busy. One such activity includes searching for the Six Forgotten Giants, located in and around the city of Copenhagen.

The Six Forgotten Giants are sculptures designed by artist Thomas Dambo using upcycled “trash” and recycled wood scraps. With the help of volunteers, Thomas created the Six Forgotten Giants and placed them in unique, picturesque locations around Copenhagen in hopes of getting people out, exploring nature and enjoying art in a new and engaging way.

Won’t you join us for a virtual hunt to find the Six Forgotten Giants of Denmark?

Teddy the Friendly

Our first visit is with Teddy the Friendly, located on the edge of a lake and partially hidden amid native shrubbery. Teddy got his name from one of the volunteers—a teacher named Teddy—who helped build the sculpture. He was so friendly that Thomas decided to name the giant after him. 

Photo from

Hill Top Trine

Our second stop is at Hill Top Trine. This giant is located on a hill on the outskirts of Avedøresletten. You can climb into her hands and enjoy a beautiful view of the quaint village below.

Photo from Thomas

Thomas on the Mountain

Our third giant is Thomas on the Mountain, located on the outskirts of Albertslund. Sit and enjoy an afternoon picnic on Thomas’ long legs with your friends, and make some new ones too!

Photo from Thomas

Little Tilde

Number four is Little Tilde. She resides among colorful butterflies and singing birds in an area of Copenhagen called Vallensbæk Mose. Little Tilde has 28 birdhouses built inside her, so the small animals and birds have a place to stay warm when colder weather hits.

Photo from Thomas

Sleeping Louis

We’ve almost found all of the hidden giants! This fifth one was a little tired from his journey and needed a nap. If you’re feeling tired you can also take a nap, inside Sleeping Louis’ mouth! This sleepy giant is located in Rødovre. Be careful not to tickle Louis’ toes or you might wake him up!

Photo from Thomas

Oscar Under the Bridge

Our final friend is Oscar Under the Bridge. Some say Oscar is running away from sea creatures out to get him. Others believe he likes to scare people who walk on the bridge above (so tread lightly)! Oscar is special because he was made from an old windmill and named after a friend who helped build the creeping giant.

Photo from Thomas

You did it, congratulations on finding all Six Forgotten Giants of Copenhagen!

Learn more about our fun new friends and the artist Thomas Dambo:

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