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Feeling Lucky? Pay it Forward

pay it forward

Whether you’re planning a family vacation or just getting back, take a moment to really appreciate how lucky you are. Lucky to spend that quality time with your loved ones; lucky to create those special memories and bond over shared experiences; lucky that your little ones are likely to cherish that time together forever.

Travel is often taken for granted. It is viewed as a luxury reserved for those who can afford to spend without hesitation. Meanwhile, too many families are just getting by—stressing over car payments and grocery bills. These families dream of the day when they will have something “extra” to take their little ones on that long-promised adventure. Travel is a luxury, but should it be?

If you’re one of the lucky ones, YOU can make these travel dreams come true and with very little sacrifice. How much did you spend on your last vacation? Pay it forward by giving back 5 or 10 percent so families like Sonia and Michael can build a lifetime of memories together.

Thanks to your donations AND a generous match from The Baystate Team at RE/MAX Connections, we were able to provide two families with the gift of travel.

pay it forward

Meet Sonia and Mike

Sonia is a single mom and she loves her mother-son adventures, but times are tough. Her son Mike loves the great outdoors and even organized his first beach clean-up at 6 years old. All Sonia wants is to foster his love of nature, and it begins with a day trip to this natural wonder right in their own backyard. Read more »

Many of our grant recipients ask for a very modest amount. These families want help visiting a landmark, often right in their own backyard…because it’s about that time spent together…it’s about the journey, not the destination. For those of us lucky enough to travel on the regular, this is a drop in the bucket. A small ask for a big reward »

The Ryan Family

The Ryan Family received a Travelnitch grant in early 2022. Donors like you made this possible.

Thank you for your gift that helped our family dream trip come true. I can’t tell you how much we needed this, it meant so much to all of us.  Because of Travelnitch, we were able to do so many things we could not have done otherwise. For that, we are so thankful!

— Gabe, Sarah, Lilly, Emma, and Samuel

pay it forward

Need help making your family travel dreams a reality?

Leave behind the comforts of home for a transformative family experience to learn and grow together. Our grants support multi-generational travel to increase awareness and understanding of other cultures. If your family has an intense desire to travel but struggles financially to make those dreams a reality, let us help! Apply Now »

pay it forward

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