Capture the Flag: A Fundraiser

AUGUST 28 10am – 2pm | MONSON, MA

Join us for a friendly game of Capture the Flag to support Travelnitch

This globe-trekking adventure is a chance to compete for prizes while learning fun facts about the world! Registered “travelers” can join the fun in downtown Monson any time between 10am – 2pm. By following a series of digital clues around town, you will capture flags from countries around the world. Check out the prizes »

Saturday, August 28 in downtown Monson, Ma

Registered travelers will need about 1 hour from start to finish, but can join the fun anytime between 10am – 2pm. All “destinations” for this event are within walking distance of downtown Monson. You must travel on foot to qualify for prizes.

NOTE: Registered travelers will need a smartphone to participate.

How to participate:

Before the Event

Buy a Ticket: An Economy Class ticket gets you access to the experience. Upgrade to First Class and race against the clock for prizes. Families traveling together can purchase a Family Class ticket. Register as a Team Captain to be eligible for our grand prize!

** If you meet income eligibility guidelines for our travel grants, contact us about a FREE Family class ticket!

On Event Day

Check-in at Veteran’s Field (behind the Town Office Building) anytime between 10am – 1pm on August 28. At check-in, you will be given a destination. Make your way there to capture your first flag by correctly answering a trivia question. Rinse and repeat, 9 more times!

During the Event

Economy Class » Relax and have a good time, it’s all about the journey!

Family Class » Upload a picture at each destination, and pay close attention to our best photo categories listed below.

First Class/Team Captain » Capture all ten flags as quickly as possible; this is a race against your fellow travelers, so we’re tracking your time. Upload photos for a chance to win additional mystery prizes!

After the Event

Head home to recover after a busy day of travel. We’ll announce the winners within 24 hours and reach out by email to all who participated. Thank you so much for your support!


Grand Prize*

Awarded to the Team Captain who captures all ten flags in the shortest amount of time.

Total prize is valued at $500!!!


Team Prize

If your captain takes the win, you win a prize too!


Fastest Travel Time*

Awarded to the “First Class” travelers who capture all ten flags in the shortest amount of time.

First Place

Second Place

Third Place


Travel Photography Awards

“Family Class” travelers will be asked to share photos at each destination along the way. Once the event has come to an end, we will select one winner in each of the following categories:


Honorable Mention

Team Captains, as well as anyone traveling in Family or First Class, is eligible for an honorable mention.
Upload fun and creative photos throughout the day for a chance to win one of our mystery prizes!

*The clock starts when you check-in and ends when you capture the last flag. It does not matter what time of the day you participate; your race time is measured independently of other participants.

About Travelnitch

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit creating a niche for kids with the travel itch.

We believe travel can change lives, open minds, and build a stronger sense of community. That’s why Travelnitch is helping kids explore the world from home—because a love of travel (and humanity) begins with curiosity. Our journey first began in 2018, with one mom’s desire to share her passion for travel with little explorers everywhere. It has since taken flight and now reaches a global audience through travel stories and virtual adventures.  

In the year ahead, we will be turning our focus to more locally-based initiatives, including family travel grants and the launch of our World on Wheels program right here in Western Mass. Funds raised through this event will support these ongoing efforts to make travel, and its’ many benefits, accessible to all families—near and far. Learn more >