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Eat2explore with us!


This week we took a trip to Brazil—OK, so we never actually left home, but the kitchen sure smelled amazing! Eat2explore is the only family cooking kit that delivers a cultural education through cuisine while providing the hard-to-find spices and sauces that make the meal unique.

Like most families, we went through a “yuck” phase where our kids refused to touch any foods that looked different or suspicious. But cooking was our way of getting them over the hump—they are always willing to try their own creations.

This is where eat2explore won us over. Both of my girls love to cook so this hands-on experience was perfect for us AND they loved the dish. We cooked shrimp moqueca, a traditional Brazilian stew that combines coconut milk, lemon, tomatoes, and an assortment of fresh veggies. The fact that my kids ate the entire dish, even the onions and red peppers, blew my mind.

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So What’s in the Box?

Yes, shopping is required, but the way they package this experience from beginning to end makes it all feel like part of the adventure. From finding the right ingredients to making the dish and filling out our recipe passport, it was fun and engaging for both of my girls—they are 6 and 9.

Your kids get to choose the destination and each box arrives with everything you need to cook, learn, and grow together:

  • 3 recipe cards
  • essential spices and sauces
  • a country collectible
  • brochure and activity sheet
  • flag pin, country sticker and passport
  • a shopping list

If you’re looking for a tasty way to learn about other cultures around the world, or you’re raising future #foodies, eat2explore is a fantastic alternative to leaving the country!

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