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Letters from the Editor

Feeling Lucky? Pay it Forward

Travel is viewed as a luxury, but should it be? Many families dream of having something “extra” to take their little ones on that…

Top 10 Wins

Thanks to your generosity we have many accomplishments to celebrate. See how YOU helped us achieve our mission in 2021!

It’s IRS Official…

We want to inspire families to travel together because we believe it has the power to change lives.

Travelnitch Announces Big Changes

We recognize travel is a valuable educational tool and we feel strongly that it should be accessible to all families.

Black Lives Matter

I am white. I benefit from white privilege. I do not know the fear and anxiety that so many in our country suffer from each day when they step from their homes.

A Kids Travel Empire

I envision a kids travel empire, designed by kids, taking advantage of every opportunity for experiential learning to ignite that fiery passion we call…

Life is short

Life is short…three simple words that unleash a world of possibility. As I look ahead to what’s next I find myself asking what I want, rather than what…

A Niche for Kids with an Itch

Travelnitch is creating a travel niche for kids with the travel itch. Follow along on this exciting journey and inspire your kids…