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Books Beyond Borders

Explore the world with our curated collection of travel books. Every purchase supports our ongoing work to inspire kids through virtual and real-world travel!

Featured Books for Kids

Check out these special titles, recommended by our awesome team of volunteer book reviewers!

Lucky Red Envelope
The Lucky Red Envelope

The Lucky Red Envelope follows a little girl and her family as they get ready for and celebrate the …

Ricky's Dream Trip
Ricky’s Dream Trip

Join Ricky as he travels the Ancient world with his Pop Pop. Together in his dreams, they visit Egyp…

Bedtime Stories for Young Explorers

Bedtime Stories for Young Explorers is a compilation of short travel stories was written and illustr…

Route 66 Adventure Handbook
Route 66 Adventure Handbook

Fasten your seat belts and get ready for this ultimate guide to Route 66! It will take you on an epi…

kayaking for kids

This beautifully illustrated children’s book serves as the perfect introduction to kayaking and expl…

Go here Instead
Go here Instead: The Alternative Travel List

Go Here Instead: The Alternative Travel List offers travel enthusiasts off-the-beaten-path recommend…

Recipe Road Trip
Recipe Road Trip, Cooking Your Way Across the USA

Explore the geography, history and regional charm of the United States as you help your little chef …

Tiny Travelers Treasure Quest
Tiny Travelers Treasure Quest

From Nigeria to Japan, Mexico to Haiti, each book features an illustrated search-and-find activity i…

Colors of the National Parks
Colors of the National Parks

Explore a world full of colors, wildlife, and incredible landscapes with Colors of the National Park…

Recommended Reads

Explore the world together with our hand-curated collection of travel books for kids. Visit our storefront to save on fun travel titles for the whole family—every purchase supports our ongoing work to connect little explorers to new adventures. Share your favorite title and we may even add it to our collection!

Books by Travelnitch

Travelnitch began with a dream to increase access to more (and better) travel content just for kids. Much of that work has been digital, but we love print books so much that we published a few of those too. Check out these fun stories by Travelnitch Publishing:

travel books for kids
travel books for kids

travel books for kids

At Travelnitch, we create opportunities for shared learning, so parents and children can explore the world together.

We deliver new and exciting experiences to encourage dialogue and provoke curiosity. For that reason, we have three primary goals: – Strengthen the bond between parent and child through a shared love of travel. – Forge a more meaningful connection between kids and the world around them. – Promote creative learning to inspire a lifelong passion for exploration.

travel books for kids

Travel plays such an important role in our lives. It has the ability to change us for the better. It’s an experiential education that teaches us how to feel, think, act, and react in positive ways. Travel fosters creativity, builds confidence, and teaches us all to be more tolerant. My own kids benefit from travel every time we hit the open road. No amount of money can buy those life lessons.

Travelnitch is inspiring the next generation of explorers. We believe travel is a wonderful way to ignite the imagination and get kids excited about the world. However, we need your help to make this possible. Please spread the word and support our efforts to raise citizens of the world. Let’s go on this adventure together!