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Lucky Red Envelope

The Lucky Red Envelope

The Lucky Red Envelope follows a little girl and her family as they get ready for and celebrate the Lunar New Year festival.

Ricky's Dream Trip

Ricky’s Dream Trip

Join Ricky as he travels the Ancient world with his Pop Pop. Together in his dreams, they visit Egypt, Athens, and Rome where Ricky must confront his fears to change the course of history.

kayaking for kids


This beautifully illustrated children’s book serves as the perfect introduction to kayaking and explores the hidden wonders of Ukraine.

Recipe Road Trip

Recipe Road Trip, Cooking Your Way Across the USA

Explore the geography, history and regional charm of the United States as you help your little chef prepare dishes from this entertaining book which includes 120+ recipes!

Tiny Travelers Treasure Quest

Tiny Travelers Treasure Quest

From Nigeria to Japan, Mexico to Haiti, each book features an illustrated search-and-find activity inviting children to discover what makes each country so unique.

Colors of the National Parks

Colors of the National Parks

Explore a world full of colors, wildlife, and incredible landscapes with Colors of the National Parks, a board book by Jenny Miriam.

Around the World in 18 Ways

Around the World in 18 Ways

Readers of all ages will benefit from this basic lesson on social greetings as they learn how to respect the social customs of 18 unique cultures

Wild Child: Nature Adventures

Wild Child: Nature Adventures for Young Explorers

This glorious book invites children outdoors to embark on every type of adventure. With wonder and poetry, color and curiosity, Wild Child will stir the hearts of readers, young and old alike.


Together, we are shaping young explorers who will transform the world through cultural understanding & acceptance.