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Africa: From the Nile Delta to Table Mountain

Africa: From the Nile Delta to Table Mountain

Africa: From the Nile Delta to Table Mountain

This review was written by: Amanda Schmieder

About the Book

Africa: From the Nile Delta to Table Mountain offers readers a visual pilgrimage to every corner of Africa—our planet’s second-largest and second-most populated continent. Rich, colorful photographs allow readers to come face-to-face with the magic of Africa’s diverse landscapes, rich history, unique and wonderful people, and animals unlike any elsewhere on planet Earth.

This vibrant book is a delightful, pictorial adventure! Personally, I’d classify it as a “coffee table book,” as it’s perfect for display. But, don’t be deceived… while the words in this book are limited to short pictorial captions, this book has a lot to say! 

With each turn of the page, you will be presented with the beauty and unique character that makes up each region of Africa. Through diverse styles of photography including architecture, portrait, lifestyle, landscape, wildlife and more, you’ll have the opportunity to soak up all of Africa’s wondrousness from safari animals to waterfalls, deserts to mountains, architecture, modern cities, indigenous tribes and villages.

With Africa: From the Nile Delta to Table Mountain, kids will see just how diverse a continent can be! Africa is so much more, and has so much more to offer, than people realize. Broaden your child’s perspective through a visual tour of this magical continent and those people who call it home—no passport required!

About the Author

Anne-Marie Bissada is an editor and journalist who specializes in African and Middle Eastern politics and culture. Bissada currently resides in France, but has traveled extensively across Africa for work-related projects and leisure. Follow her journey »

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Africa: From the Nile Delta to Table Mountain

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Africa: From the Nile Delta to Table Mountain

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