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A Kids Travel Empire

Have you ever noticed how fascinated kids are with the words and actions of other kids? I have two girls, one is 4 and the other 7. Both are hooked on YouTube Kids. They could spend hours, days even, watching other boys and girls playing with toys, singing songs, and telling stories. The videos don’t even have to be good, at least not by any adult’s standard. They simply enjoy listening to someone their own size tell it how it is.

An Untapped Market

So why haven’t travel writers jumped on this untapped market? Why aren’t they investing more time and money into writing for kids? They may lack income, but little ones hold a lot of sway when it comes to making travel-related decisions. I’m sure many parents would agree there are happier places on Earth than Disney. Yet, the company rakes in billions of dollars each year from parents seeking that magical experience to please their child.

We talk about travel a lot in my house. In fact, I have trinkets from my own travels all over the place. One in particular, a miniature Eiffel Tower, has sparked the interest of my 7-year old. She now dreams of visiting the city of romance. As a mom, I want nothing more than to whisk her away and fulfill that dream…someday I will. She speaks, I listen. Travelnitch is how I will bide my time (while saving money) to fuel that enthusiasm and share all of the amazing things that await her – Notre Dame, the Louvre, Champs-Elysees.

Filling the Gap

You can find examples of travel writing for kids if you look hard enough but it shouldn’t be limited to one book here and there. In this digital age, there is so much we can do to connect kids with the world. Some companies have already begun this great work, like Little Passports — a company that turns travel into a hands-on learning experience for kids. But I want more. I envision a travel empire designed for kids — in some cases by kids — including books, magazines, websites, videos, and social channels. I want to take advantage of every opportunity to ignite that fiery passion we call the travel itch.

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